“I have the ability to look into your future,

providing information that

allows you to make educated

decisions about your health, life, relationships

and experiences.”

“Marie holds an incredible position as a psychic medium and medical intuitive healer. She has the ability to envelop people into a safety zone... as she becomes one with the energy of her clients.

— Julia Assante, Ph.D. Author The Last Frontier: Exploring The Afterlife And Transforming Our Fear Of Death

"Marie is one of my favorite practitioners. She works across all time zones. Every time I am going through a new step in growth, I call upon Marie for her wisdom, guidance and expert muscle testing"

Caroline Sutherland, Hay House Author

"I have to post here as I’m blown away by Marie … psychic/clairvoyant abilities. We have never met but I was referred by a mutual friend. I had a phone reading with her 2 days ago where she honed in on medical issues I’ve been dealing with and one that I thought I had a handle on. Marie was eerily accurate as I just got a call today from a doctor who just finally received blood tests that should have been sent 5 months ago. If you have things going on with your health or anything else that life throws at you, Marie is exactly the person you need most!"

Pam Taylor-Huggins

"Marie I just wanted to tell you how “spot on” you were with your reading two weeks ago. You said that my husband would be taking a sudden trip, and you were SO right! You also said that my husband would “fund” an existing insurance policy … YOUR AMAZING! That is exactly what he did! No one else saw that or got it at all. I enjoy working with such a talented, gifted psychic. I appreciate your gifts. “Oh! And you are sooo reasonably priced!."


"The phone reading was so accurate, it really made me stop and just say WOW….thank you so much Marie. From the spiral notebook to the “Misses the sweet smell of your hair” to his sitting in a boat in a big lake, ALL dead on!!"

Susan, West Seattle

"AMAZING!!! During our visit, you mentioned a few things that there was no way you would have known because I did NOT tell you and things only would have been understood between me and the person I was asking about….you helped me to have a bit of peace…"


"I'm just amazed! Marie drew on a piece of paper where my health issue was. I shared the picture with my surgeon after my procedure. He was SHOCKED! It was an exact match to what Marie had seen and drew out. My health has improved. I am forever grateful!."

Melissa, Idaho

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Psychic consults are for entertainment/recreational purposes. Always consult a physician or health care professional for their professional medical advice. Sessions are prepaid and may be rescheduled 1 time. No refunds given after the session is scheduled.